Prepare for Hurricane Idalia and Hurricane Franklin’s arrival

NC is under a state of emergency and is expected to be hit with heavy rain and wind gusts due to Hurricane Idalia and Hurricane Franklin.

A picture of Idalia's path.

Hurricane Idalia’s path will brush the Carolinas.

On Monday, Aug. 28, Gov. Roy Cooper declared a State of Emergency for NC ahead of Hurricane Idalia and Hurricane Franklin’s impacts.

Hazardous conditions and four to six inches of heavy rain are expected to hit NC Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning with the risk of flooding.

“It is important for North Carolinians to gather emergency kits and prepare for the storm before it’s too late,” Cooper said in a press release.

Here are some resources to stay safe during severe weather:

  • Visit for tips on building an emergency kit and additional weather preparation.
  • Stay informed and set emergency alerts on your mobile device.
  • Never drive through flooded areas and stay away from common flooding areas.
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