Tiny houses in Raleigh, NC

Tiny house sketch | Image by Tiny Homes Raleigh

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Last summer, we reported on the City Council’s decision to allow for the construction and use of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in Raleigh.

What is an ADU? The provision allows for granny flats, backyard cottages, and tiny homes, which are a growing industry in our community. While the concept of tiny homes isn’t new — they rose to popularity with shows like HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living — growing demand for a space of one’s own has created a larger market for them during the pandemic.

Is this a tiny kitchen? | Photo by Tiny House Raleigh

Since the City Council’s vote allows homeowners to build ADUs without applying for a rezoning permit, residents are adding separate living spaces to their property to accommodate guests and renters — or to simply serve as a home office or gym. DYK: Proponents of ADUs say they also increase affordable housing inventory throughout our community.

To answer the growing demand for these types of dwellings, a few developers around the Triangle have added tiny homes to their list of offerings. And in July, local builder Dexter Tillett launched a company called Tiny Homes Raleigh, a dedicated tiny-home developer currently offering four floor plans + any customizations you can dream up.

The average tiny house takes about three months to construct and can be built on a permanent foundation — or on wheels, if you’re really going places. If you don’t want to wait that long, we found eight ready-built tiny houses on the market in the Triangle, ranging from $50,000 for 196 square feet (about half the size of an average hotel room) to $60,000 for ~400 square feet.

Interested in tiny houses, but not ready to turn the key? Join the TinyHouseNC community or spend a few nights at the Tiniest Home in Raleigh.


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