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This degree’s got game 🎮

Students who major in Esports and Gaming Administration at William Peace University learn a variety of skills to produce esports events and competitions.

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A computer lab featuring gaming computers and a television

This major gives students the opportunity to utilize and develop technologies that could benefit our society in the future.

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With the growth of esports competitions in the Triangle and around the world, William Peace University Professor Roger Christman saw an opportunity to create an innovative new major: Esports and Gaming Administration.

Designed to combine the complexity of the gaming industry with knowledge of psychology and business, the major met initial hesitancy by WPU leadership, but Roger convinced them it was worth the investment.

“Our mission at WPU is preparing our students for the career organizations of tomorrow. That’s exactly what this major does. These are the careers of tomorrow,” Roger says.

Introduced in fall of 2021, the major trains students in event planning, production, and business skills with courses including sports psychology, sports management, marketing, communications, leadership, and financial accounting.

WPU is the first university in NC to establish this major, and is paving the way for revolutionary changes in the gaming industry.

Esports in the real world

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The global esports industry is estimated to grow at a rate of 400% to $4.28 billion by 2027.

Photo provided by William Peace University

Esports and gaming administration is revolutionizing the way we approach problem solving. From medicine to education to the military, every industry and discipline can benefit from the technology created by the professionals with esports and gaming degrees (think: doctors beginning their training through simulation technology).

Roger anticipates within the next few years, every large corporation will have a member on their team utilizing the technology of esports.

“I see VR headsets in every elementary school classroom where they’re learning about the battle of Gettysburg by being on the battlefield, instead of reading about it,” Roger says.

Other universities in the Triangle are picking up on the importance of this major. WPU opened its esports lab to Duke University where graduate students use gaming technology in the Motion Capture Lab to identify early signs of stroke. In consideration of adding the major themselves, NC State has reached out to Roger to tour and learn more about the program.

This summer, the lab will also be open to the community as a youth esports summer program.

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