The Gimghoul Castle in Chapel Hill, NC (36)

The Gimghoul Castle | Photo by the Town of Chapel Hill

Carly here. 👋 If you’re anything like me you love ghost stories, murder mysteries, and things that go bump in the night — no wonder I was enthralled when I learned that there’s a haunted castle in the Triangle.

Located at the end of Gimghoul Rd. in Chapel Hill, Gimghoul Castle has sat at the edge of UNC’s East Campus since the early 1920s. Stonemasons and castle builders were hired by The Order of Gimghoul — a secret society of UNC students — to create the castle as a place for lodging and their headquarters. The medieval-style castle is constructed of ~1,300 tons of stones + is 2.15 acres in size.

Legend has it that a young man by the name of Peter Dromgoole haunts the property. According to the UNC Graduate School, Peter Dromgoole fell in love with a local woman known as Miss Fanny — but he was not the only one. So in true Bridgerton style, the two suitors had a duel to the death. Peter had a sad fate, ultimately losing his life that day on a rock, which is said to still be stained with his blood.

While we may never know what really took place at The Gimghoul Castle, Peter Dromgoole was a real person. In fact, he applied to UNC in 1833 but failed his entrance exams. Disappearing afterwards.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can visit the castle in-person. While it does not have direct frontage to a public road, you can drive to 742 Gimghoul Rd. and then down a gravel road. Please keep in mind that Gimghoul Castle is private property + visitors are not allowed inside.


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