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SuperB soda and Tribucha’s kombucha | Screenshot via company website

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First, North Carolina created Pepsi. Then, the Old North State brought to the beverage industry Cheerwine. Now, a Triangle-based company is introducing a brand-new zero sugar, zero carb, and zero calorie probiotic-blended soda.

Cary-based Tribucha recently launched their SuperB line calling it “soda redefined.” Unlike their other kombucha products, the sodas don’t have a vinegar flavor profile, co-founder Adrian Larrea said.

“It’s basically like the perfect combination of taking the health benefits from kombucha, the zero sugars from a soda water, and then the drinkability + craveability of a soda,” Adrian said.

The company formed in 2014 when the kombucha craze was just beginning in the US. Childhood best friends Adrian + Amo York started a small brewery in North Raleigh, and began doing deliveries to local coffee shops and stores.

After raising some funding, Tribucha moved to a larger facility in Cary and was able to start selling their beverages in grocery stores — starting with Lowes Foods, and later Whole Foods, Weaver Street Market, and Harris Teeter.

About a year ago, the company connected with a group of scientists working on a new “super culture” project. They created a culture for a beverage that was both zero sugar and shelf stable — meaning it didn’t have to be in a grocery store’s refrigerated section, like kombucha.

“It’s kind of like the future,” Adrian said. “It has all of the probiotics + enzymes, and all the acids and everything, but without that kombucha flavor.”

SuperB comes in four flavors — blood orange mango, dragon fruit lemonade, blueberry ginger, and raspberry pomegranate. The drink is naturally decaffeinated, though Adrian said future iterations could be made exploring different flavors + versions.

The new soda can be found in Publix stores in the Triangle, and will soon be rolled out to other local stores as well. Bonus: Their website has a store locator feature.


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