Stay-at-home mandate for Wake County, Durham County, and Orange County

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As of yesterday, Wake County, Durham County + Orange County have announced a stay-at-home order, effective through April 17 for Wake County and April 30 for Durham County and Orange County. These orders have been placed to help frontline workers in hospitals and to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus across the cities.

○ Check out the orders for Wake County residents on Facebook or Twitter.

○ Check out the orders for Durham residents on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

○ Check out the orders for Orange County residents on Facebook, or Twitter.

What’s changed?

The biggest difference is that previous recommendations made by Governor Roy Cooper and the NC Health Department are now mandates for Wake, Durham, + Orange Counties (other municipalities including Charlotte and Beaufort + Madison and Pitt counties have also issued these orders around the state).

What is an essential business?

WakeGov has created a list of essential business categories that can stay open during this stay-at-home mandate. Check out Durham’s list here + Orange County’s here.

Can I still go to the grocery store?

Yes, although it’s recommended to limit trips.

Can I pick up my prescriptions?

For sure. If you are considered high risk for contracting COVID-19 (those age 55+ or with pre-existing conditions), it may be better to have someone pick up your items for you and deliver them to your home with minimal contact.

Can I go outside?

Yes. You can hike, bike, walk, play golf + tennis, or sit outside your house, as long as you are following guidance for social distancing — i.e. maintaining 6+ feet of separation between yourself and others.

Will I be arrested for not complying?

No. However, law enforcement may ask you to disperse from a public area, such as a basketball court or outdoor seating, if you are not following guidance for social distancing. Arrests will be considered by law enforcement if they must repeatedly address you individually for not following the government mandate.

Can I travel?

Non-essential travel is advised to be limited at this time. If you live or work in a different municipality where stay-at-home orders are not in effect, you may travel between those locations if needed.

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