NC State, UNC and Duke to compete in the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament

Here’s when and where both our men’s and women’s Triangle teams will play in the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament this March.

Two basketball teammates on the left jumping up celebrating; the men's basketball team on the right celebrates a big win by hoisting up a teammate.

The NC State women’s and men’s basketball teams are putting on their dancing shoes.

Photos provided by NC State Athletics; left photo by Andrew Yates

Last weekend was an exciting one for Raleighites, but especially Wolfpack fans. NC State defeated UNC 84-76, taking home its first ACC trophy for men’s basketball since 1987 and securing a spot in the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament.

The Triangle has three schools moving on in both the men’s and women’s NCAA Tournaments: NC State, UNC, and Duke.

The good news dribbled into Selection Sunday, revealing NC State women’s basketball as the No. 3 seed to host three games of rounds one and two at Reynolds Coliseum.

Keep reading to find out when and how to cheer on the Wolfpack, Tar Heels, and Blue Devils.

Round I: NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament

Round I: NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament

Psst... you can place your bets on the home team and print out a bracket for the men’s and women’s tournaments to follow along.

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