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Hey there. It’s Allie and Cat, the local City Editors you know and love. Allow us to pass the mic to 126 of our coworkers. (Yes, that’s right — an entire team is behind each day’s newsletter, and we couldn’t do it without them.)

We are 6AM City, the parent company of RALtoday. We’re the people on a mission to engage communities by aggregating the most positive, impactful local news and events into a free, daily email newsletter. Maybe you caught the magic word in there — free. We’re proud that our product comes at no cost for subscribers, and we intend to keep it that way.

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We get hundreds of thank you emails every week, and we couldn’t be more grateful that we impact your lives. Several of you have asked how you can support us. We have a goal to raise $5,000 over the next 10 days, and we’re calling on you to join in.

You may have gotten something out of reading RALtoday, like finding that life-changing concert in our Events section, or using our recommendations on the perfect way to spend the day with grandkids. If that was you, we’re calling on you now to support our mission.

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We’ve got immense pride in our readership, our colleagues, and the cities we live in.

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Stress-free morning news

Fun fact: We’ve turned down more than a million dollars in political ads since we first started — we’re that serious about our brand promise. In election years like 2024, advertisers move their money around, and those fluctuations impact businesses like ours who don’t accept political ad dollars.

This year, your contribution will go incredibly far to support our staff, back an unbiased approach to local and participatory journalism, and keep our product free for the whole community.

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