#FactOrFiction: 6 skincare myths vs. truths

Woman applying lotion
DYK the global skincare market is worth ~$145.3 billion? | Photo via Triangle Facial Plastic Surgery

One good thing we’ve focused on in the past year? Improving our skincare routine — and we’re not alone.  22% of women changed up their skincare routine during the pandemic, and ~40% of facial skincare users said they used their products more often in 2020 than 2019. It paid off, too. 91% of folks feel their skin is healthier after spending more time at home over the past year.

With all this emphasis on skincare over the past year, all the new info, the multitude of products, and the non-stop Instagram ads can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to decipher what products, routines + techniques will work best for each individual.

So we asked local skincare experts Yelena Migirova, Licensed Medical Esthetician, and Dr. Adam Becker, founder of Triangle Facial Plastic Surgery (TFPS), to debunk (or prove correct) 6 common skincare myths to help out all of our routines.

Can you guess the myths vs. the truths?

#FactOrFiction: Topicals work just as well as injectables.

💆 This is fiction. While topicals can improve the appearance of skin, injectables — like Botox and fillers — offer more precise results in a specific area. Bonus: Dr. Becker’s detailed understanding of facial anatomy ensures more natural results without looking overdone. He’s able to advise patients which fillers are better for short-term results (like hyaluronic acid-based fillers) versus long-term effects from Bellafill

You can prolong Botox and filler results by: 

• Using sunscreen daily
• Using collagen-stimulating skincare products (that contain retinol & antioxidants)
• Getting a microneedling treatment with Platelet Rich Plasma

#FactOrFiction: You only need to wear sunscreen during the summer.

💆 This is fiction. Sunscreen should be worn every day — especially when it’s cloudy. Dr. Becker suggests using a broad-spectrum sunscreen minimum SPF 30 year-round.  

#FactOrFiction: You should exfoliate your face every day.

💆 This is fiction. Besides cleansing, moisturizing + wearing sunscreen every day, regular exfoliation a few times a week (depending on your skin condition) is a crucial component in a skincare routine for a brighter, more even-toned complexion. However, over-exfoliating your skin can cause irritation, hypersensitivity + breakouts.

DYK regularly exfoliating helps to slow down the signs of aging on your face? Learn about how chemical exfoliants can fit into a skincare routine here

Woman getting a facial
The pros at TFPS give patients personalized options for facials | Photo provided

#FactOrFiction: Blackheads can easily be scrubbed away.

💆 This is fiction. Sometimes using a cleanser and exfoliant just isn’t enough to get rid of pesky blackheads. Getting a medical-grade facial cleanses skin with a process that includes exfoliation, extractions, massage + a refreshing mask. During a consultation, the pros at TFPS give patients personalized options for facials depending on their skin condition. 

#FactOrFiction: It’s okay for some products, like retinol, to cause temporary irritation.

💆 This is fact. Sometimes introducing a new product into a skincare regimen can cause some irritation and may need to be introduced slowly. Skincare is a science where some experimentation is necessary. At the same time, a product with rave reviews might work for 90% of users, but cause adverse reactions with you. Working with TFPS, patients can discuss their skincare goals, including anti-aging or fighting acne, to see what products they need to eliminate from their regimen or should consider adding in.

#FactOrFiction: Acne will go away with age.

💆 This is fiction. Sadly, acne doesn’t always disappear as we age. Acne is the most common skin condition in the US, and affects nearly everyone at some point in their life. From skincare products to light therapy, TFPS offers different acne treatments, like BBL Forever Clear, CoolPeelCO2 laser treatment and chemical peels, to treat acne + scarring. Bonus: Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is another acne procedure that offers anti-aging benefits like collagen production.

Interested in updating your skincare routine? Schedule a consultation with TFPS online or by calling (919) 706-4900. As with everything, individual results may vary.