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Turn up the heat: 3 myths about ACs, explained

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Did you know Triangle summers average temperatures from the mid-80s to mid-90s? Stay cool with these five tips.

Home air conditioning systems are standard in places that get as hot as the Triangle does — which means it’s easy to take them for granted (and not totally understand how they work).

Let’s clear things up for you…

Myth #1: Air conditioners create cool air.

An air conditioner removes heat from the indoors, cooling the air down, and then exhausting the heat to the outdoors. Read: Cold isn’t added — heat is removed.

Myth #2: The lower you set the thermostat, the faster an AC cools your home.

If you set the thermostat at a low setting, it will keep the air conditioner running until it reaches that temperature setting. Read: it doesn’t cool faster — the AC works harder and stays on longer.

Myth #3: It’s normal for ice to appear on an AC.

Ice indicates a malfunction with heat absorption, and possibly a serious issue. If you need AC repair or replacement services in the Raleigh area, call Air Experts.

Make sure your AC is set for summer

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