How to be a RALtoday contributing writer

Photo via Pexels

Hi there, Raleigh, Erin here. 👋 Today is World Storytelling Day and it reminded me that we live in a place with such a rich, vibrant heartsong.

If Trevor and I haven’t already made this abundantly clear, we love our Triangle community. Seriously — we think you are the coolest, and with everything that’s going on right now, we want to hear your stories.

How to submit a story:

  • Write a story about a topic you love or know a lot about. We want the full story when you submit, not the idea or the outline.
  • Go here + fill out the form with your name and social media handles (if you have ‘em), then upload your text and photos. Please be sure you have permission to use the photos you send us, and if you didn’t take them, let us know who to credit.

Stories we want:

  • We’re looking for passion pieces. Maybe you’re a business owner and you want to share your thoughts on supporting the local economy. Maybe you’re a cyclist and you have ideas for how to make Raleigh a friendlier place for bikes. Maybe you’re a musician and want to share what the Triangle’s music scene looks like right now. Maybe you’re a teacher with an expert lesson plan for taking at-home kids on field trips. Or maybe your great-grandma passed down a story about our region that must be told.
  • Please include links in your story so readers can click out if they want more context on the subject. See our newsletter for examples on how this is done.
  • We love photos + videos, and the more the better. Just please make sure we know who to credit.
  • Keep your story to 500 words or less. This doesn’t mean we won’t publish longer stories, but be conscious of your word count. We look forward to hearing from you, RAL.
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