July is Park and Recreation Month

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Cara and her son | Photo via Cara McLeod

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This is a contributor-submitted Voices piece, written by Cara McLeod of the Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department. Want to join the conversation? We invite you to write for us. Learn how to share your voice here.

When I am not working, you may find me running on a greenway or at a local playground with my son. I love being outside + sharing the benefits of outdoor playtime with my little one. The City of Raleigh is extremely fortunate to have 138 miles of greenway and over 10,000 acres of parkland. I love living in a community that prioritizes these amazing assets.

Since 1985, America has celebrated July as Park and Recreation Month. A program of the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), the goal is to raise awareness of the essential services that parks + recreation professionals provide to communities across the US.

This month, cities across the country will celebrate with the theme Our Parks and Recreation Story. We will highlight stories that show how our community is stronger, more vibrant, and more resilient because of parks and recreation. You will hear from Nico who learned to play tennis at Millbrook Exchange Park, Beth who teaches ESL classes, Bill and Peggy who met at Fletcher Park as children, and Adrien who participated in our athletics program. Watch the videos here.

These stories show the difference parks make every day + the important role they play in our growth and development. We hope you will celebrate this month by visiting 1 of Raleigh’s parks. If you have a story to share, find us online.


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