Learn about Raleigh, NC-based startup Impact Karma

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch | via Pexels

We see you out in the world doing good things, Raleigh. 👏 And while it’s definitely not the point of giving back, we’re curious — how do you keep track and measure your impact?

The local startup ImpactKarma aims to help businesses and individuals do just that. Think of it like a credit score for your good deeds.

Founded in 2019, the business was first concepted by local healthcare and life sciences consultant Kedar Kakare during his participation in Global Climate Week events. Not long afterwards, Kedar and his father Jayant Khadilkar launched ImpactKarma’s first product, a Google Chrome extension, which helps shoppers identify the ethical and environmental impact of their purchases — whether it’s paying workers a living wage or measuring manufacturing pollution.

Chrome extension | Graphic via ImpactKarma

By aggregating data from qualified company rating systems, the web extension generates a score that consumers can use to make purchasing decisions, and ultimately begin measuring their own impact as well by earning rewards tied to their purchases.

Last year, ImpactKarma rolled out a sustainable marketplace. Although this initiative is currently paused, the company aims to provide an aggregated shopping experience to help customers shop for sustainable brands and products.

And their most recent initiative is the KarmaWallet product. Currently in its pilot phase, this platform uses ImpactKarma scores for 160,000+ brands to provide users with additional feedback and insights on how their purchases measure up.

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