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New Thales Academy campus opening this month in Flowers Plantation

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Thales Academy operates 12 campuses with more than 4,800 students in North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. | Photo provided by Flowers Plantation

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Did you know Thales Academy is a network of schools that began in Raleigh and now serves communities throughout NC, VA + TN?

The newest campus will be located at 65 Flowers Parkway in Flowers Plantation. Construction is currently underway and will be completed in time for the campus’ opening later this month.

Thales Academy at Flowers Plantation will initially offer pre-k through seventh grade for the 2022-2023 school year, and plans to add subsequent grades in future years — eventually providing a full K-12 offering (contingent on adequate interest and enrollment for staffing).


Well-known for its rigorous academics, Thales Academy uses Direct Instruction teaching techniques + a classical curriculum to cultivate virtuous, critical thinking, and compassionate individuals.

Philosophical discussion, Latin studies, and logic and rhetoric prepare students to think critically in school and later in the competitive workforce.

Keep reading to learn more about Thales Academy’s approach to character and skills development, along with affordability and application information.

Character + skills development

Thales Academy incorporates character development into classroom lessons, school culture, and facilities. Think: Character traits inscribed on the hallway walls and transparent lockers without locks to encourage a spirit of honesty + respect.

An emphasis on a specific set of skills help prepare students with the real world competencies they need to succeed, including:

  • Written and verbal communication
  • Time management
  • Problem solving
  • Alertness
  • Risk taking
  • Visualization

Affordability + applications


There are no additional tuition fees and sibling + full-payment discounts are available. | Photo provided by Flowers Plantation

Payment options, discounts, and scholarships are available at Thales Academy. Bonus: All textbooks + technology are included in Thales’ all-inclusive tuition.

There are still limited spaces available for the 2022-2023 school year.. Learn more + apply (and get to know the Flowers Plantation teaching staff).*

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