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How Spanish Immersion is opening the world for one Wake County student

Six questions with Smith Magnet Elementary School first grader Kristina Harper.

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4 WCPSS magnet school students sitting on the grass and reading

Magnet programs challenge students to think creatively and solve problems while being exposed to new experiences.

Photo provided by Wake County Public School System

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Calling all parents: Wake County magnet schools, like Smith Magnet Elementary School, are designed to provide students and families and offer specialized programs that nurture students to “See Things Differently.”

Smith aims to provide an inquiry-based, globally-authentic education to all students. Fun fact: Smith students have two world language options that can be added to their studies. Rising kindergarteners can opt into the Spanish Dual Language Immersion program, with daily core instruction in Spanish and English, or can choose Spanish or Mandarin as an elective class.

We recently chatted with first grader Kristina Harper — who is part of the Dual Spanish Language Immersion program — to learn about what she loves about attending Smith Magnet. Warning: Cuteness ahead.

Magnet school student Kristina Harper_WCPSS_RAL.jpg

Kristina and her family.

Photo provided by Wake County Public School System

Q: What are some of your favorite parts of learning Spanish?

A: My mom knows some Spanish, so I want to learn Spanish, too. My favorite word is amarillo, which means yellow. For Halloween, I dressed as a lemon, so I got to wear lots of yellow. 🍋

Q: In the Spanish Immersion program, you have two teachers. What do you like about that?

A: I like having two teachers because I can learn new things from each teacher. It’s not hard because my teachers help me. They are always nice to us and plan fun stuff. Like for Halloween, we got candy corn while solving Math problems .🧑‍🏫

Q: What’s your favorite subject in school right now? Why?

A: I like Art and Library. In Art class, we get to make new things. In Library, I get new books. My favorite one is about ‘Stumpy.’ He’s a pumpkin who doesn’t have a stem. 🎃

Q: Would you tell your friends to come to Smith? Why?

A: Yes, because Smith is fun. We get to do teamwork time in Math, and that’s my favorite. And sometimes we get to go to the park and play. Plus, at Smith, you can make new friends. 🤝

Q: What kind of activities do you like to do after school?

A: I like to play soccer and go out to eat. ⚽

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: I want to be either a chef or a UNC healthcare nurse. 🩺

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