The Heck-Wynne House + Raleigh dream homes for sale


The modern-day Heck-Wynne House | Photo by RALtoday

The Heck-Wynne House

Nestled in downtown’s Oakwood Historic District is the three-story Heck-Wynne House (511 E. Jones St.). The home is characterized by its mansard roofs — four-sided roofs with two slopes on each side — and the ornate, decorative millwork on its exterior. The building is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Raleighites may recognize the house by its many waving flags. Owner Greg Hatem always flies a US flag, NC flag, and Grand Union Flag (an ode to how Jones Street was named) from the porch. He adds flags depending on the season and what’s going on around town, and if someone is visiting the family from another state or country, he will fly their flag.

Built in 1872, the Heck-Wynne House is one of three Second Empire style homes built in the area by Oakwood developer Jonathan M. Heck. It was bought by the Wynne family in 1875.

When the Hatem family moved into the house in 2015, it was separated into five apartments. They spent two years renovating the house to its original single-family layout, removing the divider walls and restoring the original millwork, plaster, hardwood floors, and mantles.

“We brought it back to what it would have looked like in the 1870s,” Greg told RALtoday.

The family didn’t find many relics when they began renovations, except for some paperwork behind the mantle. Among the papers was a receipt from 1901 for a shoe store located at 230 Fayetteville St. — the exact building the Hatem family was moving from (an apartment on top of North State Bank). “It was unbelievable,” Greg said. “It told us the move was destined to be.”

Greg’s favorite part of his home is the original, wraparound porch, where he likes to read, listen to music, and catch up with neighbors. There are no secret rooms or ghosts (so far). “We haven’t really felt much [spirit activity] in the house — but we did at 230 Fayetteville,” Greg said. Sounds like a spooky story for another time.

Unfortunately, the Hatem family’s beautiful home is not for sale. But we found some cool spots that are.

Raleigh dream homes for sale

If you’re like us, your Sunday mornings involve family breakfast and cozying up with coffee and pancakes to watch House Hunters (or really whatever’s on HGTV). Our new way to pass the time is admiring Raleigh dream homes for sale.

  • Historic Oakwood Cottage | 2 BD, 2 BA | $950,000 | Built in 1877, this 2,004-sqft home has floor-to-ceiling windows, acorn adornments, and an array of original features.
  • Clay Aiken’s North Raleigh home | 3 BD, 4 BA | $980,000 | You could live in the house of an American Idol star; this 4,277-sqft house has a private pool + basketball court.
  • For the automobile collector | 2 BD, 2 BA | $1,100,000 | Do you have a lot of cars? You probably should if you’re eyeing this unique 1,215-sqft house with a 12-car car garage.
  • Natural light | 4 BD, 4 BA | $1,495,000 | This 2,970-sqft house has an abundance of large windows.
  • Spa vibes | 5 BD, 4 BA | $2,499,000 | This 4,734-sqft Hayes Barton home has a heated pool and huge chef’s kitchen.
  • Mansion: Coming soon | 5 BD, 5 BA | $3,195,000 | If you can wait until 2023, check out this 5,992-sqft custom home situated on 1.44 acres.

According to a study by HomeAdvisor, “Farmhouse” is the most popular home style in NC (and GA). Do you agree? We want to know what your favorite house style is. Tell us here.

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