What we tried at Gussie’s

We visited this new bar at 927 W. Morgan St. for a night of great company, bites, and bevs. Here’s what we loved and recommend from Gussie’s, our new neighborhood haunt.

A plate of Brussel sprouts, a plate of animal fries, and three cocktails at Gussie's.

Take a peek at our first round: Cheesy savory animal fries, Brussel sprouts, and a couple cocktails to split.

Photo by RALtoday

We recently got all gussied up to visit one of Raleigh’s hottest new bars, Gussie’s. Here’s what we tried and are ready to try again.

Let’s talk libations first. Gussie’s Old Friends menu section features classic cocktails done just right, like the mojito. Where things really got unique was the New Friends + daily specials menu. We loved the festive Winter Sherry Cobbler, the Fat Lip, which felt like an alternative margarita, and the special chai hot toddy which was spicy in every way.

A green cocktail with a cucumber garnish from Gussie's.

The Biggest Pickle cocktail was a dill-ight.

Photo by RALtoday

What left our jaws ajar was the Biggest Pickle. Forget what you think a pickle cocktail could be — this was so refreshing, and the pickle spice + cucumber garnish made the drink.

As for bites, we stuck to high-end versions of classics, like the animal fries, inspired by In-N-Out Burger, crispy + sweet Brussels, and fried jalapeno pimento cheese cakes, which reminded us of arancini with a Southern twist.

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