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Become a master chef with these Raleigh cooking + wine classes

Anyone can cook — and we think you should try. These Raleigh cooking + wine classes can teach someone who’s starting from scratch or elevate a skilled home chef.

Two women smile while cooking crepes.

Take your chef skills to the next level — or learn the basics — with a local cooking class.

Photo by Jacqueline Reid Photography/Home for Entertaining

Hey, chef. Try that title on for size, because these Raleigh cooking classes + wine courses might inspire a new hobby or even career. Taught by masters of their craft, you’ll leave any of these spots with a new cooking trick or an enhanced palate for wine.

C’est si Bon, 1002 Brace Ln., Chapel Hill | In addition to cooking classes for all ages, travel with the school within NC or internationally for a new, tasty perspective.

Current Wellness, 219 S. East St. | This place is for more than just exercise. Current Wellness’ classes center around healthy eating + celebrating cultural foods.

Home for Entertaining, 119 W. Park St., Cary | These classes are meant for the host with the most — upcoming classes include four ways to prepare fish, healthy family meals, and summer soups, among other dishes.

Season to Taste, 2510 Yorkdale Ct., Durham | Sign up for the Essential Series with Chef John Eisensmith to learn much more than just the essentials, including classical cooking methods and how to create meals like a pro.

Vitis House, 1053 E. Whitaker Mill Rd., Ste. 115 | Educate yourself on the intricacies of wine as an oenophileread: wine enthusiast — or become a wine professional with the Wine Scholar Guild credential Program.

Wynton’s World, 969 N. Harrison Ave., Cary | Learn how to cook a romantic meal with a date, the ins and outs of an international cuisine, and cake decorating fundamentals with this team of chefs.

Psst... for more wine classes, check out events at local wine shops like The Wine Feed, Raleigh Wine Shop, and Wine Authorities.

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