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Prepare your K-5 students to be global citizens at these two Magnet Schools

See how two Wake County Magnet Schools are teaching RAL kids to be global leaders + proficient bilingual speakers.

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“The immersion teachers are a dream team,” says a Smith Magnet Elementary School parent. “They are incredibly dynamic. [My son] loves both teachers and is eager to go to school each day.”

Photos provided by Wake County Public School System

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Did you know? Bilingual elementary students have an academic advantage as they enter middle and high school.

In addition to developing strong communication skills and above-average performance in the areas of divergent thinking, pattern recognition, and problem-solving, students understand that global citizenship means valuing diversity, global perspectives, and the inter-connectedness of all people.

Interested in getting your student on board? Here are two Wake County Magnet Schools that emphasize developing bilingual skills + global citizenship.

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Students at Dillard Drive Magnet Elementary gain an appreciation for cultural perspectives, develop fluency, and grow a sense of action on global issues.

Photo provided by Wake County Public School System

Dillard Drive Magnet Elementary School

Serving students in the western portion of Wake County, Dillard Drive Magnet Elementary School ensures students have proficient bilingual skills and focuses on fostering diverse relationships and making a positive impact in the world. Dillard’s core pillars of learning are:

  • Spanish Immersion: In this 90/10 immersion model, students learn in Spanish for the majority of the day, developing fluency in reading, writing, speaking and listening in Spanish and English.
  • World language electives: All students explore French or Spanish language and culture.
  • Global studies: Students learn about cultures, experiences, and challenges across the globe within each of their content area classes.
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In the Spanish immersion/dual language program, English and Spanish speaking students gain proficiency in both languages by conversing and learning academic and social language throughout the day.

Wake County Public School System

Smith Magnet Elementary School

For families in the southern areas of Wake County, Smith Magnet Elementary School offers similar effective multi-language communication + global citizenship opportunities, including:

  • Dual language instruction: Students can engage in 50/50 model with 50% Spanish + 50% English instruction, which promotes both bilingualism and biliteracy.
  • World language courses: All students take a daily course in Spanish or Mandarin.
  • The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme: Governed by the International Baccalaureate Organization — representing 60+ countries and serving two million students worldwide each year — this program emphasizes transdisciplinary instruction across subjects and allows students to gain in-depth insight into diverse cultures.

Enroll + apply by Jan. 25

Important: Interested parents should note that applying is a two-step process that takes a few days — so be sure to enroll at least three days before the application deadline of Thursday, Jan. 25.

Not sure yet? Tour Dillard Drive + Smith Magnet Elementary Schools.

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