The Depot development in Raleigh, NC

City Council approved the Raleigh Depot rezoning on Tues., Sept. 20.

An industrial bike rack that reads "Raleigh Depot."

The front facade of The Raleigh Depot will be preserved.

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Note: City Council approved the Raleigh Depot rezoning on Tues., Sept. 20. This will allow two 20-story mixed-use developments to be built at 327 W. Davie St. + 320 W. Cabarrus St. The developers must preserve the head house of the Depot as a condition of the agreement.

As first reported by DTRaleigh, a recently proposed rezoning is approved, most of the building that houses Videri Chocolate Factory could be demolished.

On Tues., Aug. 9, the North Carolina Railroad Company proposed to rezone 4.85 acres + two 20-story mixed-use developments between Cabarrus Street and Davie Street. The development includes the Raleigh Depot parcel, which was built in 1912.

The Head House — which is home to Videri Chocolate Factory + Black and White Coffee — is the front, street-facing part of the Raleigh Depot warehouse. The rest of the building currently houses Tasty Beverage Co., Tuscan Blu Italian Restaurant, The Venue, and The Junction Salon and Bar.

The main building would remain unscathed and preserved under the National Register of Historic Places. However, the remainder of the warehouse would be demolished to make room for office space, residential units, and shops.

Primary project goals

The proposed redevelopment includes the construction of two main mixed-use buildings. Specific materials would be chosen to match the pre-existing aesthetic of the Warehouse District. The plans also include a 30-foot-wide pedestrian walkway between Cabarrus and Davie Streets.

The first building at 320 W. Cabarrus St. (primarily intended for office space) would be situated along the railway and include retail space. The second building at 327 W. Davie St. would incorporate the Head House and feature residential units, a parking deck + more retail space.

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 2.45.09 PM

The proposed rezone includes two lots. | Photo by City of Raleigh

More room to grow

If the Planning Commission + City Council approve the zoning proposal, developers could build up to 1,415 units (compared to 314). Retail space could reach 83,000 sqft (compared to 52,000 sqft) + office space could max out at 822,000 sqft (compared to 205,000 sqft).

The Planning Commission’s deadline to approve or deny the proposal is tomorrow, Aug. 27. City Council will discuss the rezoning at its next meeting on Tues., Sept. 20.

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