A new normal: notes from a local wellness instructor

Current Wellness opens later this year in Raleigh.

I take breaks from NPR and I feel like I’m not being a responsible citizen. I say “Alexa, turn on NPR,” and all the worry and worst-case scenarios start to flood back in.

Staying informed and practicing self-care seems like an impossible balancing act. Another hard decision is to decide how much we want to donate to folks in need, while also making sure we can take care of ourselves — especially in the midst of opening a small business.

Photo by Nathan Williams

The COVID-19 pandemic is uncharted territory. We are being faced with conflicting needs and tough decisions. While I would love to go meet my new baby nephew or visit my Dad who is battling cancer, I know that FaceTime will have to suffice for the near future.

But do you know what else I keep reminding myself of? We can do hard things. We are resilient human beings and even more resilient when we come together as a community (6+ feet apart).

This won’t be easy, but we will get through this. My partner Nathan and I are dreaming of the new inventions that will be born, old hobbies that will come back (skateboarding and friendship bracelets, anyone?), and virtual meetups that will become necessary to combat loneliness and depression.

In just a week — that feels like a month — we have begun installing raised beds in our front yard, pulling out dusty cookbooks, and checking off to-do lists from 2019. Our productivity gives us purpose. A sense of purpose is incredibly important to maintain our well-being. Another balancing act we are being faced with is productivity versus rest. While I may feel guilty for sleeping in a little longer, I’m reminding myself that sleep supports immunity. Not only that, but worry and stress can increase our sleep needs. Before COVID-19, I typically slept 8 hours a night. Now, it’s looking more like 9-10 hours. (You can probably tell we don’t have pets or kids).

So, while my mind can quickly make its way to the worst-case scenarios, I’m choosing to also reframe to resilience, innovation, and collective effort. It’s not that I’m ignoring this scary reality, I’m also just working very hard to maintain my mental and physical health. Who knows how many lives we might save if we take care of ourselves and stay inside.

Sending love and compassion to each and every one of you. Check this link for a loving kindness meditation. To access additional tele-health and counseling resources, visit currentwellnessraleigh.com.

Voices contribution by Brit Guerin, Co-founder
Current Wellness

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