What to know about the LGBT Center of Raleigh

This LGBTQ+ community center is geared toward LGBTQ+ folks, but everyone can benefit from the LGBT Center of Raleigh’s educational resources and upcoming community center on Cabarrus Street.

From left to right, Switch Reprise, Gwendolyn Love, and Kori Hennessey hold a sign for the LGBT Center of Raleigh in front of its future community space on Cabarrus Street.

LGBT Center of Raleigh staff anticipate moving into the Cabarrus Street community space this summer.

Photo by Hannah Chalfant Photos

The LGBT Center of Raleigh is a local organization supporting the LGBTQ+ community as well as helping to educate the Raleigh area — you might know the center best for Out! Raleigh Pride.

We got together with the center to chat about its big upcoming move to Cabarrus Street near the Lincoln Theatre and how to support the growing community.

According to executive director Kori Hennessey, the new HQ, located at 128 E. Cabarrus St., will feature a cyber center with free access to tech, a care coordination center + health and wellness services, a free clothing closet, and a flexible space for community events.

The center is home to the largest LGBTQ+ library in the Southeast, with over 5,000 books stocking its shelves — about 90% of those books came directly from community donations. In the new library, Hennessey and staff want to highlight topics that are infrequently highlighted, like titles by LGBTQ+ BIPOC authors and books about the asexual community.

“It does bring such a wealth of knowledge, and I know that people have used the library for learning more about themselves and helping a family member or kid or friend,” Hennessey said.

Raleighites can help support the center by attending events like the upcoming Re(a)d to Filth Ball on Saturday, Feb. 24 or Out! Raleigh Pride on June 22, volunteering, or financially backing the center. Hennessey also said they encourage the Raleigh community to support LGBTQ+ people by gauging where you’re at and growing from that point.

“Opening up your mind and being around people that aren’t like you is a really good way to figure out where you’re at as far as your knowledge, understanding, and comfort levels,” Hennessey told RALtoday.

The new LGBT Center of Raleigh will open at 128 E. Cabarrus St. this summer with a grand opening for its unique, inclusive space for all Raleighites, regardless of sexuality or gender identity.

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