Plan your kid’s perfect day in the City of Oaks

From breakfast to dinner — we’ve rounded up a day full of kid-friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy. Bonus: We include a reflection for your kid’s perfect day.

A little girl walking in the lobby of Marbles Kids Museum.

Marbles Kids Museum is a little’s paradise.

Photo by RALtoday

Sorry, but — NO ADULTS ALLOWED — this one is for the kids. Grown-up, please hand this over to your little one. Got it, kiddo? Let’s plan a family day together. Here’s a fun schedule for you to try.


Be a chef and cook breakfast for the adults at home. The night before, ask your family to choose from one of these recipes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if any of the instructions seem confusing.

While you eat, talk about your plan for the day. Ask your family to help you prepare a backpack with things you’ll need. We suggest bringing:

🍫 Plenty of snacks like granola bars

💧 A water bottle

🧢 A hat

If you have time before heading to lunch, explore the Sassafras All Children’s Playground in Laurel Hills Park or at the recently updated playground at John Chavis Memorial Park.


For lunch, head to Winston’s Grille for its fanciful kid’s menu or Cowfish in North Hills for fun bento box options. After you’ve filled your belly, spend the afternoon exploring Marbles Kids Museum. What are you looking forward to most? Putting on a white coat to play a technician in the Ready Set Vet area? Or seeing a kid-friendly movie at Raleigh’s only IMAX theater?


Wrap up the day with a family dinner. Head to one of our local farmers markets to pick out foods you can make together. Over dinner, talk about everything you did today. Ask questions like:

🧠 What was something new you learned?

🤡 What was something funny that happened?

👀 What would we do differently if we did that again?

👍 What do you definitely want to do again? (And again and again…)

Grown-ups — send us more family-friendly recommendations and we may just feature them in an upcoming newsletter.

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