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National Bike Month: Meet Oaks & Spokes

We talked with the executive director of biking nonprofit Oaks & Spokes about cycling infrastructure, Raleigh’s cycling scene, and upcoming events for National Bike Month.

A group of cyclists ride through downtown Raleigh.

Got any interest in cycling? Oaks & Spokes can provide community + resources for you.

Photo by Jared Harber/Oaks & Spokes

Meet Oaks & Spokes, a Raleigh-centric nonprofit uplifting the local cycling community with a mission to get Raleigh rolling. In honor of National Bike Month, we sat down with Executive Director Jared Harber to talk biking in Oak City, upcoming events, and how to get involved.

According to Harber, the group’s mission is to foster a community of people on bikes and other active transportation modes here in Raleigh. Oaks & Spokes also advocates for improving biking infrastructure, encouraging folks like the Department of Transportation and Raleigh City Council to adopt infrastructure beyond painted bike lanes.

Harber emphasized the communal aspect of bike riding that you don’t always get when in separate vehicles and what that looks like at Oaks & Spokes.

“Everyone’s really excited about being on the bike together, talking about where they’re riding or what trip they’re going to take next,” Harber said.

Whether you consider yourself a cyclist or just someone who occasionally rides a bike, Oaks & Spokes can be for you.

“This is an open invitation to just come out and ride, to socialize,” Harber said. “Bring a friend, bring five friends, bring your family. We’ve got a lot of events for kids or families, and we have more strenuous-type rides like mountain bike rides.”

That’s not to mention the bevy of recurring weekly + monthly rides hosted by Oaks & Spokes, like The Most Medium Tuesday Social Ride — find more on the calendar.

You can join Oaks & Spokes with a $25 annual membership and get discounts by riding your bike to local spots like Morning Times and So & So Books — though all rides + events are open to the public.

Keep reading on for just four National Bike Month events thrown by Oaks & Spokes out of the dozens planned across the city.

A group of people on bikes pose for a picture at night in bright neon and glow-in-the-dark accessories.

Gear up for a month of biking events around Raleigh.

Photo by Jared Harber/Oaks & Spokes

Feeling inspired to hop on your bike — or scooter, unicycle, skateboard, or anything else with wheels? Oaks & Spokes will be all over Raleigh this month with dozens of events geared toward relevant causes to connect with local cyclists.

Critical Mass, starts at Memorial Belltower | Friday, May 10 | 7-8 p.m. | Bikes will fill the street en masse during this pro-bike statement ride.

Ride of Silence, starts at NC State Capitol | Wednesday, May 15 | 5:30-7 p.m. | This ride will be 4.3 miles to honor the 43 cyclists who died on NC roads in 2023 and will be followed by a vigil at the Capitol.

Raleigh’s Bike to Work Day, various locations | Thursday, May 16 | 7-9 a.m. | Brake at 14 pit stops throughout the city offering water, snacks + treats, giveaways, bike checks, and so much more on your way to work via two wheels.

Bike-in movie: “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial,” The Rialto | Tuesday, May 21 | 7-9:30 p.m. | Watch one of the most iconic bike scenes of all time and park your bike inside the theater’s orchestra pit.

Most of these events are eligible for Oaks & Spokes’ Bike It program, and attending five events gets you a free small cheese or pepperoni pizza from Trophy.

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