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In a study done by WalletHub last week, NC was ranked as the state with the second highest unemployment rates due to COVID-19, with a 6064.54% increase in unemployment (comparing March 2020 unemployment to March 2019) . If you or someone you know is out of their job during this trying time, we want to help.

Many employers across the state have expressed a need for more employees to match the market demands + some have even announced a pay raise for frontline employees who are risking their lives to provide us goods and services we need each and every day.

In order to help those who are out of a job, we are providing a list of essential businesses looking to hire more workers and provide NC with necessary goods to combat COVID-19 demands. If you know of anyone across our state looking to hire that isn’t mentioned below, we’d love to hear about it and share the opportunity with our readers.

Know someone in the service or hospitality industry who recently lost their job? Pass this along to them:

Sheetz is looking to hire 1,300 new employees in response to increased consumer demands. The company is also increasing their base pay by $3 through April 23. (ABC 11)

Lowes Foods is hiring for several positions — from cashier to personal shopper — across the Carolinas

Kroger, the parent company to Harris Teeter, is looking to hire 10,000 new employees. The company stated that you could land a job within a few days after applying. Check out the opportunities here. (ABC 11)

Walmart is looking to hire 150,000 workers for their distribution and fulfillment centers + truck drivers.

Amazon announced it needs to hire 100,000 new workers to accommodate the sharp increase in online orders. Amazon will also boost pay for hourly employees by $2 per hour. Learn more + apply.

Pizza Hut has more than 30,000 positions to fill, ranging from drivers and cooks to shift leads and managers.

○ Relias is hiring a manager for population health solutions. 10+ years of management experience and an understanding of behavioral health is preferred. Find out more and apply + learn about new opportunities on their website.

Instacart is looking to hire 300,000 contract workers over the next three months. (ABC 11)

○ With COVID-19 making changes to census data collection + completion date, the hiring process is a little different, however, census teams are still looking to hire. Check out what’s changed over the last few weeks here, apply + respond to the census online here.

Dollar General wants to add 50,000 new employees by the end of April.


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