Child adoption resources in Raleigh, NC

Photo by Brad Dorsey | Pixabay

Did you know? National Adoption Day is observed each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving — a.k.a. tomorrow. The goal is to raise awareness for children currently in foster care and seeking permanent homes, so today we’re going to take a little time to share some fast facts + resources to help you learn more about adoption in our community.

How many children in our area are currently in foster care? Of the ~1,100 kids and young adults in foster care around NC, approximately 500 are waiting for homes in Wake County.

Chart via NC Kids | Adoption + Foster Care Network

If I’m interested in adoption, where do I start? Wake County Foster Care and Adoption Services is hosting a virtual information fair tomorrow, Nov. 21 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. 

To register, call 919-212-7878 or RSVP here by email and learn more about the following:

  • Fostering to adoption
  • The adoption process
  • Local adoption agency partners
    • Adoption support and local resources
    • Successful adoption stories
  • Local children waiting to be adopted

Who is eligible to adopt? Any single or married person over the age of 18 can adopt a child in NC, however you must be 21 or older to foster children. Adoptive families can be renters or homeowners and are not required to provide proof of any minimum level income. The most important qualities of an adoptive or foster home include:

  • Time to care for a child + provide support for his or her physical, mental, emotional, and educational needs
  • Willingness and commitment to advocate for the child long term + support from your local community or network

What resources are available for post-adoption families? There are several networks, resources, and support services in place to ensure the success of families who decide to adopt in our state. Many children available for adoption through the NC welfare system are eligible to receive financial support + regional providers can provide training for new parents

Where can I learn more? In addition to initiatives and services offered by Wake County, several local organizations offer information and services to help facilitate adoption or foster care in our area. We recommend getting started with the following list: