It’s now easier to build a tiny house in Raleigh

The City of Raleigh launched a new program that makes building an Accessory Dwelling Unit quicker and less expensive.

A rendering of a tiny house.

“The Hannah” is one of 10+ approved ADU designs.

Rendering by Tiny Homes Raleigh via City of Raleigh

Today, the City of Raleigh launched NC’s first ADU Fast Track program and gallery. This makes constructing an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) more obtainable for Raleigh homeowners by providing access to more than 10 pre-approved design plans at a lower cost.

ADUs are small, self-contained homes located on the same lot as a primary dwelling. You may know them as a granny flats, backyard cottages, or tiny houses. ADUs can be detached, attached, or internal to the main house and include a living room, sleeping area, kitchen, and bathroom.

Here’s how Fast Track works: First, you’ll choose a home design plan from the gallery and purchase it from the designer (plan set fees range from $400 to $1,700). Then, you’ll prepare a site plan to submit to the City. Once approved, you’ll get your permits to build.

Has this piqued your interest even a little? Explore the gallery of homes and learn more about building an ADU in Raleigh.