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💆‍♀️ 3 benefits of a Gua Sha enhancement

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Two rose quartz Gua Sha tools propped against a stone.

Other enhancements at The NOW Massage include deep tissue, hemp Calm Balm, scalp renewal, herbal heat therapy + more.

Photo provided by The NOW Massage

You’ve probably seen Gua Sha offered during facials, but did you know the Chinese medicine technique is traditionally used in body care?

Gua Sha lightly brushes targeted muscles to:

  • Release tension + knots
  • Increase circulation
  • Reduce inflammation

It’s also now offered as a massage enhancement at The NOW Massage. The “S” and “U”-shaped rose quartz tools allow massage therapists to focus treatment on areas that are especially tight + tense. The result? Next-level recovery and full-body relaxation. Sign us up.*

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