The Exchange Raleigh will break ground this summer


The Exchange Raleigh’s big picture. | Rendering by Dewitt Carolinas + Humphreys and Partners

The Exchange Raleigh — a $1 billion dollar mixed-use development — will break ground this summer in Midtown. The 39.41 acre project conceptualized by Raleigh firm Dewitt Carolinas in 2017 is expected to push futuristic boundaries by incorporating components like a skybridge, bipolar ionization technology, and winding water features.

What’s going up first 🏢

A 12-story tower named “1000 Social'' will be the first building to pop up. Mostly comprising of office space, the 354,000 sqft tower will act as a pillar for a second mirrored building, which will eventually be connected through a covered modernistic skybridge.

The big picture 🏗️

The Exchange will have more than seven acres of green space and a four-acre central park (think: fountains, trees, and plenty of space for play). There will be 790,000 sqft of office space, 125,000 sqft of retail + restaurant availability, 300 hotel rooms, and 1,275 residential units including apartments, condos, and townhomes.

The City of Raleigh is currently seeking a $275 million parks bond, $4.5 million of which would be used to update the Raleigh Greenway to create a safe bike + pedestrian connection from The Exchange to North Hills. Although construction of The Exchange will begin soon, roads have been paved, and the infrastructure is in place, the full project is a long haul and will be completed over the next decade. We can’t wait to see this project start to take shape.

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