Pick Raleigh’s doppelgänger city

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Raleigh skyline| Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

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We all know most celebrities don’t do their own stunts — they have doppelgänger stunt doubles who stand in for them. The same goes for a lot of movie locations (looking at you, Outer Banks).

So, what if Raleigh needed a “stand-in?” What would be our doppelgänger city?

Maybe a place with a similar tech and research scene — we’re known for being the Research Triangle + we have a thriving tech startup community. Or, a city that is known for a rapid growth spurt like we’re currently experiencing.

When we describe Raleigh, we think of a major city with a small-town feel, with a love for shopping from small businesses, supporting the arts + digging into our city’s history, and all things local.

We have a few ideas:

  • Austin, TX | This is the city we hear Raleigh compared to most often, and for several reasons. The two capital cities are both fast-growing, home to their state’s largest university, and have booming tech industries.
  • Boston, MA | According to this analysis by the NC Justice Center, Boston is one of Raleigh’s sister cities due to the high percentage of bachelor degree holders in both cities.
  • Atlanta, GA | In this City-Data forum, Atlanta was mentioned as being Raleigh 40 years from now. The large Southern city is known for its unique culture — a potential role model for Raleigh, if you will.
  • Columbus, OH | This comparison is heard less often, but we think may be a contender for the most accurate. Columbus is also its state capital, holds the campus of the largest university in the state, home to an NHL team, also known for tech jobs, and experienced a fast population growth.

We want to hear your thoughts:

What cities — in the United States and beyond — do you think are most like Raleigh? Which city would be our doppelgänger?


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