A rare bird is hanging out in Dix Park

Raleighites, we have a new (temporary) neighbor. A male Painted Buntinga very uncommon bird to find in Wake County — has taken up residency in Dix Park. The colorful bird seems to have first been spotted in July and was spotted on Friday by City Editor Anne. Shoutout to local nature photographers Lisa and Sam for all of their help.

The male Painted Bunting is recognizable by its vivid blue, green, yellow, and red coloring. Females are bright green with a pale eyering. Typically, these songbirds are found in the coastal Southeast.

According to local birders (and Anne), our colorful visitor can be found hanging out in the trees lining the Sunflower Field parking lot off of Hunt Drive. Stand in the parking lot and look in the line of trees facing the field. Listen for his songhe’s known to sing loudly.

We’re not sure how long he’ll stay, but we’re glad he came to visit.


Photo by RALtoday


Photo by RALtoday


Photo by RALtoday

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