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A rendering of a Whataburger.
Would you make Whataburger your new late-night indulgence?|Photo via Whataburger / Elizabeth James
It looks like Raleighites can look forward to dipping their fries into Whataburger Fancy Ketchup sooner than later.

Whataburger President and CEO Ed Nelson recently told the Post and Courier that the company is eyeing Raleigh and Charlotte for a potential expansion of the Texas-based burger chain in 2025.

The iconic orange-and-white-striped restaurant plans to expand along the I-85 corridor with South Carolina’s first stores opening next year in Greenville, Anderson, and Spartanburg.
If you were picking the best spot in Raleigh for a Whataburger, where would it be?

Though it’s unclear if the restaurant has picked a location yet, it’s fun to imagine it right here in the City of Oaks.

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