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Hi Raleigh. Carly + Erin here. 👋 It’s been a while since we introduced ourselves to you — and we know there are plenty of new faces who have subscribed to our newsletter since we launched last fall.

So who are the folks behind RALtoday? Well, the day-to-day work is done by us (we’re officially known as your friendly neighborhood co-editors). We take turns writing the email and sharing what’s happening around the Triangle on our website and across social media. The bigger picture folks include the rest of the crew at 6AM City + our friends and editors in other markets, including Charleston, Greenville, Asheville, and more.

🙋‍♀️ Meet Carly

About eight years ago, I made the move to North Carolina from a small town in New Jersey. I packed up all my things + headed down to High Point for college. After graduating, I decided I never wanted to go back North and had heard great things about the City of Oaks. It wasn’t a difficult decision — Raleigh quickly became my forever home.

  • The last three things I did out in Raleigh: Grabbed a peppermint mocha at Fount Coffee, got some shopping done at the Midtown Farmers Market, + checked out the Christmas Lights on Holt Rd.
  • Favorite places to grab a bite to eat: There are so many great restaurants in Raleigh but if I had to choose, I’d say Lynnwood Grill, Relish + Rockin’ Roll Sushi. Who wouldn’t love unlimited California rolls served to them on a conveyor belt?
  • Fave person I’ve met in the Triangle: I could never thank Rachel Cronmiller + the Second Chance Pet Adoptions team enough. If it wasn’t for them, I never would have met my four-legged best friend, Kona. The work Second Chance does for the Raleigh community and animals is amazing.
  • What I love most about living here: I am never bored. There is always something to do in the Triangle — whether it’s trying a new restaurant, attending a show at DPAC, or going for a hike at one of the 200 local parks. Raleigh is full of life + excitement.

🙋‍♀️ Meet Erin

I moved to Raleigh from Richmond, Virginia about three years ago with my husband, two dogs, one disabled cat + one air plant. Fun fact: I was actually born at Rex Hospital but never lived in the Triangle until now.

Of all the places I’ve lived — including Los Angeles, California + Charleston, South Carolina — Raleigh is my favorite home by far. And I’m so glad I get to write about how much I love this city every day for a living.

  • The last three things I did out in Raleigh: Went to see Emma at the Rialto Theatre, grabbed a seasonal latte from Idle Hour Coffee + strolled the new downtown art murals.
  • Favorite places to grab a bite to eat: A few times a month, I’ll get dinner at Irregardless (I love the food + nightly live music) or I’ll order out from David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar. You can also catch me at least once a week picking up a lunch box from Lucette Gracethat curry chicken salad croissant is to die for.
  • Fave person I’ve met in the Triangle: Besides my rockstar co-editor, Carly, I’d have to say my favorite people I’ve met are Sean Umstead + Michelle Vanderwalker of Durham’s Kingfisher cocktail bar. They’re doing really innovative things with their menu, not to mention building great community around their space.
  • What I love most about living here: Being within two miles from downtown Raleigh, the walkability cannot be beat. On weekends, I hardly drive at all and enjoy taking our dogs in almost any direction to local parks + walking 30 minutes or less to get coffee or groceries or to see a concert.
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