The history of snow in Raleigh, NC

Downtown Raleigh snow | Photo via @patrick.jerome on Instagram

Raise your hand if you remember Raleigh’s great snowfall of 2000. 🙋 

ICYMI (or were just a wee snowflake at the time), here’s what happened: On January 25 of that year, Raleighites woke up to an all time record-busting snowstorm — which lasted the whole day, accumulating 20.3 inches of powdery snow in total.

While the day did bring its fair share of aggravation like power outages and blocked roads (for several days after the fact, we’re told), we’re pretty sure residents across the Triangle also celebrated the snowfall with snowman-making and hot chocolate-sipping (that’s what we would have done.) ☃️

Here are some more snowtable facts about the Triangle’s relationship to snow: 

❄️  Other heavy snowfalls in Raleigh: 

  • 17.7 inches of snow, February 1899
  • 14.5 inches of snow, February 1948
  • 11.1 inches of snow, March 1980
  • 10.8 inches of snow, January 2002
  • 10.4 inches of snow, February 1979

❄️  The earliest snowfall: 

  • The earliest snow ever recorded for our state was September 30, 2011, measured on Beech Mountain in Western NC.

❄️  The latest snowfall: 

  • Since 1960, 17 trace snowfalls have been recorded in Raleigh as late as March and April.
  • The most common spring day for snowfall in our city is March 12, with three different recordings.

And before you start Instacarting the milk and the bread and the eggs this year, know that this winter’s forecast doesn’t call for snow until January — and meteorologists are predicting the weather to be warmer and wetter due to the La Niña climate pattern, meaning it will be a little less chill through the end of the season

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