It’s election day in Cary and Durham

Oct. 10 is election day for the Town of Cary and City of Durham. Cary is voting for mayor and three council seats, and Durham is holding a primary for mayor and three at-large council seats, to be elected to office in November.

The NC Capitol building.

Participate in local government by voting in municipal elections.

Photo by RALtoday

Today, Oct. 10, is election day for the Town of Cary and City of Durham. Here’s what you need to know about new rules on how to vote in NC — keep this info handy for the next election in Wake County.

Polling locations in Cary and Durham will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. — as long as you’re in line by 7:30 p.m., you will be able to vote. Plan ahead by finding your polling place online and check your voter registration status.

NC now requires voters to show their photo ID before voting, so don’t forget a driver’s license or another form of ID like a passport. Voters without an ID can still vote with a permitted exception, including a missing or stolen ID. Check the NC State Board of Elections for more info.

The Town of Cary is voting for mayor and three councilpersons, one at-large and one each in Districts D and B — learn about the candidates via INDY Week. The City of Durham is holding a nonpartisan primary for mayor and three city council at-large seats with a general election on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Durham voters can still register for the November election by Friday, Oct. 13.

On Nov. 7, 12 Wake County municipalities will hold general elections. The voter registration deadline for the November election is Friday, Oct. 13 and can be completed through the NC DMV.