City of Raleigh to require face coverings

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Today, the Emergency Proclamation requiring citizens of Raleigh to wear face coverings in public spaces goes into effect at 4 p.m. Below are a few questions + answers in order to help you better understand what this means when leaving your home. If you have any other questions pertaining to this order, let us know.

Who is required to wear a face covering in public?

Any person within the jurisdiction of the City of Raleigh. This proclamation does not affect all of Wake County.

What is considered “public space”?

The proclamation defines this as being with others (in a public or private setting) who are not household members in places where social distancing is not possible + it lists a few examples of places face coverings should be worn if you cannot be socially distant from others.
grocery stores
business locations
parking lots
public transportation

What qualifies as a face covering?

A mask that is made from clean cotton, linen, or silk + covers your mouth and nose. Examples of face coverings include:
neck gaiters
homemade face coverings
tightly woven fabric from clothing

What if I am exercising outside?

You will not be required to wear a face covering if you are exercising individually or practicing social distancing.

Will businesses require citizens of Raleigh to wear a face covering in their stores?

Employees of any business in Raleigh will be required to wear a face covering, and businesses are encouraged to require guests to have a face covering on before entering their store.

Who is exempt from wearing a face covering?

If you are under 12 years old
If you cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons
If wearing a face covering doesn’t comply with your religious beliefs
When you are complying with directions of law enforcement
In your private office
If you are a restaurant patron and eating
If it is not feasible to wear a face covering during activities such as swimming or at the dentist

How will the city enforce this proclamation?

The proclamation states that the City of Raleigh will encourage voluntary compliance within city limits. Law enforcement is encouraged to educate citizens in public and also encourage voluntary compliance.

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