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3 ways bowling can help build company culture

Get the ball rolling on better work relationships (without striking out).

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A woman in a red sweater gets ready to throw a ball in a bowling eatertainment venue

Businesses from as few as eight employees to as many as 800 end up having so much fun at Strike & Barrel that they come back year after year.

Photo by Christobal Perez at Azul Photography

Goodbye, boring office parties. Hello, Strike & Barrel. Since opening in 2019 and undergoing an extensive expansion in 2022, the Wake Forest-based boutique bowling center has mastered the art of the out-of-the-office party, thanks to their impressive array of games (think: duckpin bowling, bocce, shuffleboard + more).

Not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why bowling with coworkers is the best:

  • Games are the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or an intern — a good game puts everyone in the office on equal footing, which is when all the really great team-building happens.
  • A little competition never hurts. Good-natured competition can break down barriers between employees and build stronger, more collaborative bonds.
  • It keeps your spirits high — literally. In addition to an extensive bar with high-end liquor, Strike & Barrel also has a full menu, so no one’s going hungry.

Plus, it’s just good old-fashioned fun. Book your next office party on their website. 🎳

Throw some balls around.*

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