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3 tips for navigating changing real estate market conditions in RAL

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Aerial photo over a Sacramento, CA home, driveway, and street.

While you can’t always count on a hot housing market, you can count on the certainty of a cash offer from Opendoor.

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Location, location, location — that’s been the name of the real estate game for decades. These days, though, you may be hearing more: recession, economy, inflation… terms that definitely have less appeal.

The real estate market is cyclical, and today’s market is currently trying to find out where it will land (albeit a bit dramatically). The difference? Unlike big market turns of the past, this time we’ve swayed quickly from one extreme to the other.

In just two short years, we’ve seen outsized home price appreciation in most US markets (like right here in RAL), followed by a swift decline in housing demand. The whiplash of these fluctuations (and the uncertainty about what happens next) can be hard to wrap your head around.

The good news is, even though none of us can predict what will happen next, that’s okay. If you’re a seller or a buyer (or both) currently stuck in the loop of dreaming, hoping, anticipating + dreading, the experts at Opendoor have three tips to help ride the wave.

Wide-angle view of a woman walking a dog in front of a row of brick townhomes in Dallas, TX.

In the absence of bidding wars, you have time to get to know a neighborhood, look at different housing options, and narrow in on your “must-haves”.

Photo provided by Opendoor

Tip No. 1: Don’t worry about finding the “perfect” time to sell or buy.

Hint: It doesn’t exist. The perfect time is what works best for you and your life. Some factors, like a growing family or a new job in another state, are an easy call. But other reasons require you to dig deep. Think:

  • Will a move improve your day-to-day life?
  • Will you gain more time, be closer to friends and family, or be nearer to activities that bring you joy?

Tip No. 2: Research your financing options.

The good news: You’ve got options. Whether you’re getting a new loan, refinancing, or looking to lower your payment, a mortgage calculator can help you figure out how much you can afford in minutes. There are also rate buydowns, which can help you lower your rate. Pro tip: A lender can help you figure out what your options are.

Tip No. 3: You have more control than you think.

It’s true that supply is still constrained, but it is much different than it was a year ago. If you’re buying, you may find you have more options as less competition enters the market.

Use this time to take a breath and set your own pace. In the absence of bidding wars, you have time to:

  • Get to know the neighborhood
  • Look at different housing options
  • Weigh your trade-offs like monthly expenses, commute time + schools

Lastly, try not to get discouraged and know what’s important to you.

The housing market may not always be hot, but a cash offer holds its weight no matter the current conditions. If you’re selling your home, Opendoor looks at:

  1. Your home details
  2. Recent listings in your area
  3. Current market conditions

…to make you an offer.
Learn more about how to navigate changing market conditions and come out on top with help from Opendoor.*

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