What your ZIP code says about you in Raleigh, NC

A screenshot of Esri's Tapestry Segmentation interactive database. | Courtesy of Esri

Discover what your neighborhood says about you with Esri’s interactive Tapestry map. The company analyzes zip code data to define characteristics of individuals using a process called segmentation.

How it works

This tool sorts areas into 67 unique segments, based on demographics like age + incomeaka: it tells us what we have in common with our neighbors.

On the website, scroll down to the “Discover the power of data” section + click the button that says “Explore your zip code.” Then, input zip codes or click around the map. 

We took a look at a few of Raleigh’s major neighborhoods + areas to see what defines our readers.

Raleigh’s tapestry

  • The area spanning The Village District, Fred Fletcher Park and neighboring NC State’s campus (27605) is 34.56% college towns (residents of college towns are enrolled in college, while the rest work for a college) and has the lowest median age (24.5) of all of the areas we looked at. 
  • The zip code area (27604) covering much of Capital Boulevard + other northeast Raleigh neighborhoods is 17.46% bright young professionals, followed by 12.25% old and newcomers (singles’ lifestyles on a budget).
  • The north Raleigh zip code of 27609, including the North Hills + Millbrook areas, is 22.43% in style (an urbane lifestyle that includes support of the arts, travel, and extensive reading) with the highest median age of the areas we looked at, 42 years old. 
  • In southeast Raleigh (27610), the area is 35.52% up and coming families (ambitious — working hard to get ahead) and had the highest diversity index of all the areas we looked at. 

Ready to explore your own Oak City neighborhood? Check out the map and let us know below if the tool has your personality and lifestyle pegged.

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