#TryThis: Testing out the LIFE Extend health tracking app

Rachel holding a bowl of strawberries
I started my journey using the LIFE Extend app by adding more fruits and veggies into my diet | Photo by Mitch Northam

Hey, Raleigh – Rachel here. With my wedding coming up next spring and recently celebrating my 26th birthday (hello, late 20s), I’m interested in health and fitness now more than ever. A quick scroll through the app store on your phone can drive you crazy with all the different trackers, timers + calorie-counters available. It’s confusing to know which will work best for you. But without everything in one place, it’s easy to lose track of your goals.

The LIFE Extend app, however, puts several of these trackers in one place. It focuses on 5 pillars of health: 

  • Plant nutrition 🍎
  • Sleep 😴
  • Mindfulness 🧘‍♀️
  • Intermittent fasting ⏱️
  • Activity 🏃‍♂️

Over the past 2 weeks, I tried out the app to see if it helped me stay accountable and turn these healthy activities into long-lasting habits. 

Here’s what I learned + how you can #TryThis.  


Using the LIFE Extend mobile app for health and wellness tracking for 2 weeks

What we tried (with pricing): 

I tested the free version, which includes access to almost everything – articles, trackers, social groups and videos. A new paid version called LIFE+ ($2.99/month) recently rolled out with more features including the ability to set a custom fasting schedule, choosing a predefined fasting plan with an eating window timer (which reminds you when it’s time to switch from eating to fasting) + membership to a special subscribers-only social circle.  

One of the easiest things to track was my sleep. I averaged about 8 hours of sleep per night. Everytime you track something, you earn LIFE points, which helps keep you accountable while tracking your progress.

LIFE Extend also offers users an educational component to help you understand why you need to make certain changes. With one click, users have access to articles, videos and social circles.

You can also schedule a call or video chat with a health coach (specializing in health fields from weight loss and nutrition to cancer support) to get questions answered by a pro, on your schedule. Prices vary depending on topic and coach, but the average is $45/half hour.

See my video demo of the app on our #TryThis Instagram Story Highlight.

Don’t miss:

Exploring the Mindfulness tab. Meditating is easy. It’s just staring at a wall, right? Wrong. If you really want to incorporate meaningful mindfulness into your daily routine, the app features breathing exercises, guided meditations + yoga classes.

I carved out 5-10 minutes every day to listen to breathing exercises, which calmed my mind during these trying times. Picking yoga back up on a daily basis also is helping my flexibility + the back pain that comes from my bad posture while working at my dining room table. 🧘‍♀️

Rachel Taylor doing tree pose
We could all use a little bit of peace and stress relief during these trying times | Photo by Mitch Northam

What we’re still talking about: 

Syncing it with a wearable device. The beauty of this app is that it really connects everything in one place. I was able to connect my Garmin health watch to the app, so my activity was tracked – even if I forgot to input it manually

Hand holding phone next to hand wearing watch
LIFE Extend is compatible with most devices | Photo by Mitch Northam

How you can experience this: 

Download the app + start exploring. 


Things to know if you go: