8 ways to spread kindness in Raleigh, NC

Photo by @foodbankcenc

Don’t you agree that everyone could use some more kindness in their lives? Well todayRandom Acts of Kindness Day — is a day to do just that.

The idea is that by spreading a little kindness, you make the world a better place. Even the smallest act of kindness, a gesture that may seem insignificant to you, can change the course of a stranger’s life.

We know this year may be a little different (it’s a bit harder to smile at a stranger from behind a mask and you can’t bring donuts into work when the office is remote), but there are still plenty of ways to be kind. Here are some local suggestions to get out there + spread some cheer.

Like the outfit of that woman who passed by you in the Village District? Let her know. Give someone a compliment today — super easy + doesn’t cost a dime.
○ If you have the means to do so, try paying for the person in front of (or behind) you. A Place at The Table even offers an option to purchase a $10 token that will give someone a free meal. 

💐Surprise your loved ones with a gift
○ Pick up a sweet treat from The Chocolate Boutique + grab a bouquet at Fallon’s Flowers for your elderly neighbor. They’ll never expect it.

🥂Leave a generous tip
○ If you’re going out for dinner tonight, plan to surprise your server with a generous tip. This amount is totally up to you, but we guarantee it will make their day. 

💖 Volunteer your time
○ Give up some of your time to volunteer at The Food Bank (with branch locations in Raleigh and Durham). Or sign up for one of the many volunteer opportunities on ActivateGood

🚘 Let someone go in front of you
Are you really in that much of a rush today? Whether you’re stuck in traffic on I-40 or in line at Benelux coffee, let someone in front of you in line. 

👩‍🍳Leave a positive review
○ This past year has been difficult for many small businesses. Support some of your local favorites by leaving them a positive review

💌 Write a letter
○ Pick up a card from DECO Raleigh and write a letter to an old friend. Yes, we know texting exists — but something about a letter feels more meaningful.