Answered: Downtown Raleigh’s hidden waterway

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Map of Pigeon House Branch via Google Maps

Reader Jay N. recently asked us if we knew anything about “an old river or creek that used to run through downtown” — which sparked our curiosity. With a little help from our friend Ernest at the City of Raleigh museum, we learned about Pigeon House Branch.

Pigeon House Branch (formerly known as Buffalo Branch) is classified as a second order stream that stems from Crabtree Creek and runs alongside Capital Blvd.

If you’re looking to find this “hidden” waterway, you may have luck searching for it near 1014 North West St. (across from Layered Croissanterie). It’s believed that the stream originates by the Village District, then dives into an underground tunnel before reemerging near Peace St. According to ABC11 community influencer Heather Leah, “You can even catch a glimpse of [it] from the Light + Time tower.

Recently, The City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Dept. announced its vision for a new urban park — the Devereux Meadow Project. The proposed 14-acre park would be located at the corner of Capital Blvd. and Peace St. While the project is only in its planning and design phase, it is noted that future plans may include daylighting + restoration of Pigeon House Branch.

If you have tips on finding Pigeon House Branch or know any more information about this mysterious waterwayshoot us an email — we’d love to hear from you.

Note: Please use caution if looking for Pigeon House Branch. We do not recommend readers venture inside tunnels.

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