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NC Hurricane Guide

Photo by the NOAA

Even though the past week has brought us intense heat and little rain, last week officially launched the start of hurricane season. Being a city that is more inland, we don’t see as many storms as our coastal cities, but it’s not impossible to see a tropical storm or hurricane make its way to our area.

With 70% confidence, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is predicting an above-average storm season, with 13-19 storms expected. Of those, 10 could strengthen to hurricanes, with 3-6 becoming major hurricanes. Climate factors like warm ocean temperatures, vertical wind shear + an enhanced west African monsoon make it more likely for a drawn-out storm season. Hurricane season runs from June 1-November 30.

Ready NC — NC’s emergency preparedness organization — has shared this year’s Hurricane Guide for our state. This extensive guide covers general hurricane need-to-knows, such as the difference between a hurricane watch versus a warning, and state specific resources such as recovery organizations accessible to NC’s small businesses and farmers.

This guide is a great resource for setting up a severe weather plan for you and all members of your household (pets included) + building an emergency kit. If you have any questions regarding the Triangle and hurricane season, we’d love to hear them. 🌀

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