Spreading joy to older adults with Naborforce

Naborforce’s goal is to promote productive, connected, and joyous aging and living | Photo via Naborforce

Community is important now more than ever — especially for older adults. Aging is a beautiful thing, but older adults often need a little support and company from time to time to remain independent + connected.

That’s where Naborforce comes in. They connect empty nesters, retirees and others (aka “Nabors”) who love the idea of giving back and want to earn a little flexible income, to seniors who may need a little support to remain independent. 

Think of it like having a whole network of “backup sons and daughters”  to help with day-to-day tasks like:   

  • Grocery shopping + preparing meals 
  • Helping with technology 
  • Light help around the house
  • Getting seniors to and from appointments

…or with something as simple as sitting + talking. It’s not home care, it’s doing all the little things that families do for each other every day. Want to get involved? Naborforce is always looking for compassionate Nabors. 🤝*