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Spend a day at Lake Johnson Park in Raleigh, NC

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Lake Johnson Park is a beautiful place. Located just 15 minutes from downtown, Lake Johnson Park offers a picturesque place where residents can spend a great day alone or with their whole family. 

Water Activities

Since the park is located next to a lake, the main opportunities are associated with various water activities. Here you can rent kayaks, boats, canoes, and other non-motorized vehicles and just sail around while exploring the area. When you get tired, land on the bank and have a picnic. Or you can come with your own baits and go fishing with the whole family. Please be aware that swimming in the lake is prohibited.


The second thing that comes to mind when it comes to activities in Lake Johnson Park is hiking. Numerous paved and unpaved trails are laid out on over 300 acres. You can walk along or rent a bike and go around every corner. If you wish, you can stop for a picnic in specially equipped shelters. By the way, dogs are allowed, so you can take your pet with you, provided that it is on a leash.

Wildlife Viewing

All nature lovers should definitely attend one of these lectures. You will be able to watch birds, bats, explore different types of trees and plants, and learn how to navigate the wild forest using a compass. You can also learn the basics and nuances of nature photography.

What’s especially interesting is that the park provides a night hiking program. This gives you the opportunity to meet nocturnal animals such as owls and singing amphibians and learn more about their lives and habits. The forest looks very different after sunset.

Seasonal Activities

With winter now in full swing, the park continues to offer a range of seasonal activities. Most of them can be attended by the whole family, even with small kids. Under careful guidance, your children will learn how to make crafts from branches, cones, and other natural materials that can be found in the forest. For teenagers, there is a sophisticated program in which they will make home decorations and gifts.

Limitless Opportunities

On the territory of Lake Johnson Park, you can find almost any recreational activity to your liking. You can participate in events and listen to lectures organized by local experts. Or you can walk around the territory on your own. Walk, run, go boating, and enjoy nature.

Contributing writer Travis Holloway is a hiker, traveler, and sports lover. Do you want to join the conversation? Share your thoughts by contributing to our Voices platform.