Fact or Fiction: 8 myths about Delta-8 busted by Ground Control

Ground Control’s Space Cake gummies | Photo provided

There’s a lot of buzz about Delta-8 THC, known by some as ‘marijuana lite.’ It represents 1 compound among 140+ existing cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, and we recently broke down what it is + where to find it around the Triangle. However, there were still some questions left unanswered

We asked the experts at Ground Control, a Raleigh-based company, to debunk some common misconceptions about Delta-8:

Fact or fiction: Delta-8 is not a new substance. 

This is fact. Scientists have even been studying Delta-8 since the 1970s.

Fact or fiction: All THC is the same. 

This is fiction. Delta-8 is an incredibly rare cannabinoid, whereas Delta-9 THC is one of the most prominent cannabinoids found in cannabis. Another notable difference is the location of their double-bonded carbons. Without going too deep into the chemistry, this makes a huge difference in how the human body responds to each of these cannabinoids.

Fact or fiction: Delta-8 is only available in gummy form.

This is fiction. From tinctures and oils to creams and edibles, there are a wide variety of Delta-8 THC products available.

Fact or fiction: Delta-8 is just CBD, so you won’t get high.

This is fiction. Delta-8 has psychoactive properties and will not feel like CBD.

Fact or fiction: You can pass a drug test with Delta-8. 

This is fiction. A person shouldn’t use any cannabis products if they’re worried about drug testing.

Fact or fiction: Delta-8 is only good for a buzz.

This is fiction. Many Delta-8 consumers report different wellness effects such as mild euphoria, improved mood, sleep benefits + pain relief.

Ground Control’s Space Cake gummies ($25) and Lunar Lemonade gummies ($25) are available to buy online | Photo provided

Fact or fiction: Delta-8 is illegal.

This is fiction, and varies by state. Delta-8 is legal in NC due to the 2018 farm bill (read: the hemp from which Delta-8 is extracted has been federally authorized). It remains legal in NC to purchase for now.   

Fact or fiction: You can’t buy Delta-8 online. 

This is fiction. Ground Control offers online ordering ​​for all products, including their Space Cake and Lunar Lemonade gummies ($25). Use promo code RALTODAY to receive a buy 2, get 1 free deal, which includes free shipping. (Offer valid through Oct. 31, 2021) Ⓟ