Can you master this Raleigh crossword puzzle?

A hint for #19 across | Photo by Ryan Leedom

With these back-to-back rainy days we’ve been having, we thought it was the perfect weather for a crossword puzzle. 

We know you readers are sharp as a tack and love a good challenge – so we’ve created a RALtoday crossword puzzle just for you. There are 20 clues all about Raleigh that hopefully won’t leave you too puzzled.

Even Spongebob is stumped by the RALtoday crossword | GIF via GIPHY

How to play 

  • Use the puzzle below to start playing
  • You can also download a copy of the puzzle to print
  • If playing virtually, correct answers will stay highlighted
  • To start over, hit “Reset”
  • Stumped? You’ll find all the answers in a newsletter later this week.