Bars that serve mocktails in Raleigh, NC

Two mocktails on a white marble table top with floral background.
The “Ginger Limeade” (left) + “Orange Dreamsicle” | Photo by @RALtoday

We’re checking in nearly halfway through January to see how those New Year’s resolutions are holding up — or not. Whether you are loosely participating in Dry January or are living a life without alcohol, restaurants and bars around the City of Oaks are serving up delicious, spirit-free cocktails

City Editor Anne and I (Cat) tried the Orange Dreamsicle and Ginger Limeade at Killjoy this past weekend (featured on their special mocktail menu) + we were not disappointed. We saw for ourselves that mocktails don’t have to be boring, so check out these local bars with curated mocktail lists

Killjoy, 116 N. West St., Ste. 100

  • Paddle Flower, $9 — Cactus tonic, desert flower tincture, candied prickly pear
  • Gordon’s Chip, $9 — Pineapple, cucumber, lime, hot sauce, salt + pepper
  • Orange Dreamsicle, $7 — Orange, cream, vanilla simple, orange zest (City Editor Anne was truly in dreamland with this one)
  • Ginger Limeade, $8 — Ginger syrup, lime, Fee Brothers Bitters, soda 

Pro tip: Sign up here to participate in a mocktail class with Killjoy on Wed., Jan. 19.

City Editors cheers to mocktails and Killjoy | Photo by @RALtoday

C. Grace, 407 Glenwood Ave.

  • Jam Jar, $8 — Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries green tea, lemon juice on the rocks 
  • Family Fizzician, $8 Persimmon, honey, apple cider vinegar shrub, fizz 
  • New Fashion, $8 Blend of Oolong, Dandelion Root, Caramel Black, Russian Caravan + other strong teas steeped on various herbs, roots, spices, and charred Maple and Oak wood. Served on rocks with orange + cherry. That’s a mouthful, literally.

Crawford and Son, 618 N. Person St.

  • Honeygold, $8 Roasted Apples, pink peppercorn, ginger
  • Snow leopard, $8 Pineapple, tamarind, vanilla, cinnamon

Junction West, 310 S. West St., Ste. 110

  • Forbin’s Ascent, $6 — Pomegranate, grapefruit, lime, agave
  • Famous Mockingbird, $6 — lemon, lime, simple, bitters 
  • Kombucha, $7
  • Elderflower/Yuzu Sparkling Water, $3