6 ways to refresh your home for spring

Blue cottage
Get your house looking its best | Photo via Renewal by Andersen

Spring is in the air, and now’s a great time to get a jumpstart on spring cleaning and tidying up before the heat + humidity arrives in the Triangle. 

Here’s a plan to get your house looking its best: 

Paint your house.

External factors like humidity, rain, and insects contribute to the weathering of a house. Experts recommend giving your home a fresh coat of exterior paint every 5-7 years. This simple step will give your home fresh curb appeal — whether you choose to keep a similar color or go in a new direction. While you’re sprucing up the exterior, it might be time to update your windows and doors. Renewal by Andersen’s Augmented Reality Tool allows you to customize windows + doors to match your home’s style

Tune up your air conditioning + HVAC system.

North Carolinians spend ~$110 on electric bills per month. A well-functioning air conditioning unit can improve airflow + lower energy bills during high-temperature months. You’ll want to ensure your HVAC system is efficient in the fall, too.

Clean and check your windows + doors.

Dirt, grime, and, yes, even insects can all get stuck in your windows. Experts recommend cleaning your windows regularly. However, after a long winter, it’s time to open up all windows and doors and give them a deep cleaning. Read: Get ready to scrub with soap + a fresh cleaning rag. ProTip: To keep your windows and patio doors opening and closing easily, vacuum or dust any debris that collects on sills and in tracks. Here’s Renewal by Andersen’s guide to window care + maintenance

Noticing more extreme wear and tear (like cracks or damage to a window casing)? It might be time to replace the window or door completely. Schedule an appointment (virtual or in-person) for a free consultation with a local pro from Renewal by Andersen to see what options work best for your home.

Bug-proof your home.

Notice a hole in a wall, or is your patio door creaking? Unfortunately, these minor issues could allow pesky insects to find their way into your home. Fixing cracks in the foundation or exterior brick of a home can prevent bugs from entering your house. Another solution? Replacing windows or doors. Sealing up any gaps accessible to insects gives them less of a chance of getting into your home and creating even more damage.  

Tidy up your yard. 

Man gardening
After a long winter, now’s the time to fix up your outdoor area so you can appreciate it | Photo via Unsplash

Pull some weeds. Spread some mulch. Plant new flowers. Plan out your vegetable garden. Spending some time in the yard will get you some much-needed Vitamin C and fresh air after a long winter indoors. Bonus: You’ll get to watch flowers bloom all summer long.            

Prep your patio or porch.

Power washing a patio can get rid of dirt and grime | Photo via Renewal by Andersen

No one likes to step on a rusty nail or get a splinter from weathered decking, which can happen after a harsh winter. Replacing boards, painting, and power washing can all get your deck, patio or porch ready for warmer nights. ProTip: Wash cushions and pillows *before* setting them out on patio furniture.