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Good morning, Raleigh. We’ve spent the last several weeks talking about how we can all pitch in to support small businessesand we’ll be doing more of that, stay tuned. But today, we want to highlight a few of the local startups that are making life easier for you during this time.


headquartered in Charlotte, with services in Raleigh and Durham | This company picks up your laundry and dry cleaning and returns it all the next day to your door. Flat-rate pricing ranges from $10 to $35 for small or large loads + you can choose from options including hang dry. Bonus: they’re helping deliver masks to medical personnel.


headquartered in Raleigh, with services around the Triangle | This company caters to local residents who want to compost but don’t have the space or the time. Simply collect compostables + food waste in the designated bin for weekly doorstep collection. Pricing varies from $29 to $35 per month based on household size, plus options are available for businesses as well. Customers can receive compost soil back for gardening, or donate it to the local partner of their choice.


headquartered in Chapel Hill, with services around the Triangle | When it launched earlier this year, this start-up’s mission was to bring yoga into workplaces and schools + partner with local organizations to provide wellness programming. The company is now offering a variety of virtual fitness opportunities for kids, adults, and families.


Jigsaw Explorer

headquartered in Durham, with virtual services | If you’re looking for some mental stimulation or free entertainment for you or your family, this company has you covered. New, digital jigsaw puzzles are made available each day in designs ranging from scenic photographs to challenging collages. Fun fact: the company’s founder reports a 60% increase in web traffic since the stay-at-home order was announced.


headquartered in Raleigh, with virtual services |This company has created a web browser extension for all the online shoppers out there looking to make purchases from socially and environmentally conscious vendors. Simply visit their website to download the free extension for Chrome and you’ll get pinged with data before each marketplace purchase.


headquartered in Raleigh, with virtual services | Ready to take your pics to the next level? This tech company helps individuals and businesses edit and enhance their photos + create high quality branded content. The app is available for download for Apple, Android, and Amazon devices.

The Produce Box

headquartered in Raleigh, with additional services around the state | Like a highly-specialized community sponsored agriculture (CSA) program, this company delivers boxes of NC-grown produce right to your door. Choose from any of their curated box types, or customize your own. Initial membership fees are $20 + the cost of your weekly box. ProTip: you can add things like meat, gluten-free bread, or local honey to your order.

The Produce Box

Republic Wireless

headquartered in Raleigh, with services nationwide | This company provides low-cost mobile services with contract-free plans starting at $15 for unlimited talk and text. 4G data add-ons are available and the networks supports many of the market’s most popular smartphones, including Samsung’s Galaxy models and the Pixel 4.


headquartered in Durham, with services around the Triangle | Since launching in 2014, this company has grown to be featured in publications like Forbes + recently expanded to markets across the southeast. Here’s the drill: tell them the time and place, and they’ll wash your car or install new tires. Choose from packages for exterior only to a full detail. Technicians are currently performing 100% zero-contact services.

Vital Plan

headquartered in Raleigh, with virtual services | Founded by a local father-daughter team in 2008, this company produces natural herbal remedies + vitamin supplements, which are available for purchase from their online store. Shop products for immune and digestive health, including multi-vitamins, chlorella + biotic.

We all know the Triangle is a hub for awesome start-ups, so this list is by no means comprehensive. Click here if you want to explore our area more and see what cool new ideas are blooming.

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